Our family's favourite - LEGOLAND

Hola Lexicans! Here in my household we still have the January blues (despite the fact it's now February) so we are always looking for fun days out we can go on as a family. Every weekend we wonder where we can go and my 6 year old brother's response is often the same - LEGOLAND.

LEGOLAND is perfect for families like mine; my brother likes to go to the LEGOLAND driving school (which follows with a perfectly reasonable 'Can I go again, please?') My sister also enjoys the driving school, as well as Atlantis Submarine Voyage, and me? I enjoy shoving my face with the amazing waffles there and revisiting my inner kid as I run around like mad, watching the shows and playing in the water area.

Those are the great things about LEGOLAND - there is something for everyone, no matter how old you are: 11 year olds like me, teenagers and even adults get the chance to release their 'inner kid' again and have fun - there is such a variety of rides. I asked my family what they loved about LEGOLAND and this is the result:

O (6 year old brother) - 'I LOVE LEGOLAND! It is amazing and I love the driving school so much'
I (9 year old sister) - 'I love the activities, they are all so fun and I particularly like Atlantis, it's really interesting and cool'.
Z (mum) - 'I love the World made out of Lego bricks and I think LEGOLAND is so easy to get around, there's never any hassle and it's just great to see you kids having fun.'
G (dad) - 'It's such an nostalgic trip as I used to play with Lego as a child. The facilities are great and there's something to do for everyone, kids AND adults.'

Amongst other and more thrilling theme parks, it's quite easy to forget the little gems of LEGOLAND - fairy tale brook, all the amazing Lego figurines and even the entrance where LEGOLAND is spelt out and you have to spot the different letters whilst you drive through

So next time you're looking for an amazing family day out, I would definitely recommend LEGOLAND as there is always something for everyone.

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  1. I've never been to LEGOLAND before but I've always wanted to go and that post has just made me want to go even more! I'll definitely ask my parents soon.


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