Currently... Reading Challenge and more

Hola Lexicans! Today I'm just going to be doing a little update and ramble.

I decided to set myself a reading challenge, and am aiming to read 250 - 300 books in 2016. Now, last year I was meant to be trying to read 100 books and forgot by the 2nd January, so I really hope I stick at this and give you full permission to nag me give me a friendly reminder in the comments! So far I have read:

Silence Is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher (9/10) This book really was a-maz-ing!
Little Stars by Jacqueline Wilson (8/10)
Dork Diaries: Puppy Love by Rachel Renee Russell (7/10)
Smart by Kim Slater (8/10)
Arsenic For Tea by Robin Stevens (9/10) Loved it! Review coming soon1

Yes, I know not exactly enough at this rate to get me even near to 300 books (let's just say if I continue like this, the stats tell me I'll be reading about 81 books)!! ^-^


IT SNOWED ON SUNDAY.  Can we just take a moment to calm down and appr-- IT ACTUALLY SNOWED. Finally.



I feel like I need to get a bit more organization into my life, because I'm, well... a little disorganised. I definitely need to schedule homework more, tidy up more etc. and recently I came across Todoist courtesy of Nicole Rose // Self Known and it looks really good, so I definitely need to start using Todoist.


Well that's it, hope you kind of enjoyed that little Currently/update/ramble thing, I'm not sure about it but may do it more often!

xxx I'm back soon with my review of Arsenic For Tea and a LEGOLAND review!


  1. Make sure you read the books! haha, LOL

  2. I tagged you!

  3. I'm so glad you've discovered ToDoist! Isn't it great? :) Let me know if you need help and keep me updated on how it helps with your organization. :)


thanks for commenting!:)