Last Minute Gift Guide

Hola Lexicans! I've been wanting to do a gift guide ever since it was December, but I kind of... forgot so I thought I could do one last minute, just before 25 December - and what better type of gift guide to do then a last minute one?! ;)

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Fill a little box for your loved one, full of different little things that they love, and that when someone says one of those things, you instantly think of them, and it's one present you can guarantee they will love! It doesn't have to be big things either - things like nail polishes, packs of oreos, bars of chocolate etc. work really well, if they love it, of course.

I Love You Because....

Cut out lots of small bits of paper, and on each one write different reasons of why you love the reciepent. It range from things like 'you make the best chocolate cake' to 'you are my motivation'. I've definitely done this on my blog before, but I had to feature it again!!! Then just put all the bits of paper into a jar. Done. I did this for mother's day this year, and my mum LOVED IT!

Open When...

I've seem these before and they are really cute gifts, although probably need a little more than 2 days, it is manageable. You get different envelopes and write on the front things like Open When... You are sad and Open When.... You are bored etc. etc. and inside write little things to help them (e.g. for a When You Are Bored one, you could put different games and riddles inside)! Decorate them and voila!

Canvas It

Buy a canvas (you can get them from Hobbycraft - there are a lot of different ones, but they average at £5 - £10) and then stick little photos of you two (or others as well) on it, as well as drawing pictures, printing off quotes and writing little memories on it, or whatever the reciepent would like.

Love In A Notebook

Buy a cheap notebook (or find an old one, and pull out any used pages). On each page write one great thing about your reciepent and decorate the page, if you have time. Simple yet sweet! <3

Hope this helped, and I think this may be my last post before Christmas, hopefully not, but if so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL (and to all a good night - only works if you're about to go to bed :))



  1. I love those ideas Lexie! The only one I've ever done is the Open When... :) It was really fun to make!


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