October Favourites

Hola Lexicans! Today I'm publishing my FIRST EVER Favourites post, in 2 years of blogging!


Halloween: I mean who DOESN'T like a day where you get to eats lots of sweets, dress up and have lots of fun? Exactly!!! I dressed up as a Runaway Bride, and had so much fun.

Watergate Bay Hotel: I had so much fun at WGB and I STILL can't believe that I learnt how to surf!! They have the swimming pool of dreams, and I had so much fun splashing around with my siblings there. And the food... THEY HAD A WAFFLE MACHINE <3 Full review here.

Wasgij: The jigsaw puzzle... with a twist. I have to admit, I'm not normally a jigsaw fan, but when Jumbo sent this to me in the post, it was surprisingly fun! You have to use your imagination, and its a real challenge, great for the family. Full review here.

Gingerbread men: You know... just had to fit it in there!

My 2 year blog-versary: I can't believe I reached such an achievement, and my amazing friends JE, TP and CB actually bought me presents, which is the sweetest!


Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur: beautifully written and full of emotion, Love, Aubrey is absolutely perfect, and brung me to tears on numerous occasions. Now I'm trying to get Mum to read it, because I know she'll enjoy it too. Full review here.

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher: The second I had read My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece, by the same author, I knew that this would be great. This book was SO gripping, I read it in about a day, and really just one of those wow books. I definitely recommend this to older readers. #simplybrilliant


All About Theatre: When the amazing TotallyTween and Walker Books invited me to the book launch of All About Theatre - a partnership between the National Theatre and Walker Books - I was so excited. I'm a real fan of theatre, and this new book, designed for children is brilliant. I had so much fun at the launch, and you can read my full article here.


Back To The Future: I finally watched Back To The Future (but, not on BTTF day). It was really great, and whilst, not my FAVOURITE film ever, I really enjoyed it. Now I need to watch Back To The Future 2!

Walking On Sunshine: Yesterday, for my friend MW's birthday party, we watched Walking On Sunshine (as well as some lovely singing-along to accompany)! I had so much fun!

Strictly Come Dancing: Forever a Strictly lover <3 Who's your favourite? Mine is definitely Jay and Aliona, he's so talented and sweet. I also love Jamelia, Helen  and Kellie - there's too many to name, they are (mostly) all so talented!

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I'LL BE BACK SOON WITH A SURPRISE... ;) *laughs evilly at the suspense*


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