My wishlist for Christmas

Hola Lexicans! I'm being less active on my blog at the moment, and I'm really not happy about it - I miss you guys when I'm not blogging. I've been so busy at the moment: Christmas fairs, homework, hospital appointments, sorting old things out etc. means I haven't had much time to blog. :( However, I'm back now so let's go!

Today, I've written up my official Christmas wishlist 2015! If you are a parent stuck of presents to buy your kids, here are some recommendations of things they might like, and for children you might spot a couple of things you would like!

- Raspberry Pi
No, NOT AS IN THE FOOD!!!!!! Raspberry Pi is a small computer that you can plug into your main computer to help you learn to code.

- Things for my bedroom
I recently had my room redecorated (my next post may or may not be a room tour *wink wink*) but it isn't complete yet so I'd love some more items for my room, like the following:

(the DREAM bit)


- Go to acting school
There is a particular drama agency and stage school I would love to go to, because I'm getting really keen on acting.

- Make-up
I'd love some more make-up this Christmas. I respect the fact I am 11 but I really enjoy wearing and trying out make-up, so I'd love to go shopping with my mum and be able to buy whatever I want (to a certain extent, of course)

- A new rucksack for school
My current rucksack I use is absolutely awful: old and rather ugly, so I really want a new one, maybe from Hype or Superdry.

- Meet Zoella
However unlikely this may be, I HAD to put it in, she's such an inspiration to me and meeting her would be a dream come true!

- Some MORE books
Need I put this?
Dork Diaries: Puppy Love, Grandpa's Great Escape, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School etc.

I will be updating this post throughout December, so keep checking back on it!
xxx Watch out for my room tour, coming soon!


  1. This is a really cool Christmas wishlist. I KNOW THE RASBERRY PI THINGY! It's quite cool, you can make all sorts of stuff on that thing.

    Hope you can get all of these things for Christmas! Wrap up warm :)

    Rukiya XX

  2. Hey Lexie! I was just wondering what shop you found that dream light up word thing from (I wont copy I promise I was just gonna see if they had some other stuff like that in the shop ) coz ive recently changed my room round a bit ;)

  3. This is a cool wishlist! Hope you actually get some of it.

  4. I have used a Raspberry Pi too! Also, I love reading and ADORE Zoella ❤️
    I've got her latest book signed but would love to meet her. I'm reading Love, Tanya and USERNAME EVIE at the moment. EEEEK so much excitement!
    I love your blog and would love to follow you xx
    Maybe you could check out my blog too? Thanks And I hope you get some of the things on your Wishlist honestly!

  5. You've had to go to hospital? I hope you are alright! This wishlist is so cool, and I need the dream light thing!! And i get the whole not blogging for a while thing, I have been realy bad about posting posts, but hopefully i will be a bit better with a kinda scheme. ;-)


thanks for commenting!:)