Brave isn't swearing at the teacher.
Brave isn't breaking the rules for a dare.
Brave isn't punching someone for a laugh.
Brave isn't doing something you are scared of reluctantly, because you were forced to.

Brave isn't even being utterly fearless.
Brave isn't never being scared.

Brave is simply being scared about something, but doing it anyway and finding a way through.

B r a v e

This quote sums up everything I wanted to say. <3 

We underestimate what brave really means. It isn't never being scared of anything, because all humans do get scared, and that's normal. The real definition of brave, is when you are scared of something but you do it despite that, for your own, or somebody else's benefit. 

And no, that benefit isn't just for amusing one of your friends...


  1. Nice post Lexie. It really is necessary for people to know what the real meaning of brave is.

  2. I totally agree with this post. Some people think things are brave when a lot of times they are just stupid.


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