Hola Lexicans! Today I'll be... oh let's just skip straight to it, I'm too excited to wait!

Last night I found the winners for my giveaway of R.J. Palacio's amazing book: Wonder, they've all been verified (by me!), and I'm super excited to announce the winners of my first EVER giveaway.

But first, the boring stuff! If the winners don't email me within two days or fail to send me their address (which will remain with me, and only me), the prize will go to the runner up, who is..... Noor!!!!! Also, the prize should arrive within a few weeks, but I think the winners live abroad, so of course I can't guarantee anything.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for. *cue drumroll please*





*whoop whoop* *part-ay ppppart-ay* Make sure you email me before Monday: with your address! Thanks to everyone who entered as well, it's much appreciated.



  1. Wow I had no idea you were doing a giveaway! I actually read Wonder at school (in Ethics class). It's such a heartwarming story... I usually try to stay away from books which make me sad, but I really felt like I got to know August, and I really loved reading the chapters from his sister's point of view. This was such a good book to give away: you're entertaining and teaching people about the importance of consideration at the same time.

    Congratulations to the winners and runners-up!

    By the way, Lexie, you're a follower of my blog. I've recently changed my URL, and my GFC followers aren't receiving post notifications anymore. If you want to continue receiving my posts in your Dashboard, you can go to the new URL [] unfollow and refollow me there, or join my mailing list to be notified of new posts in that way. Just let me know what works x


  2. Congratulations Amelia Grace and GirlRadio!!!! Lexie this was so awesome :) Wish I could of entered...but never mind ^ ^


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