A Handful Of Halloween 1: WASGIJ

Hola Lexicans! HAPPY CHOCOLATE WEEK!!! Yup, this week is officially the best week of the year: #ChocolateWeek! *whoop whoop* *buys the hugest chocolate bar ever* *eats it up in one minute* Oops!

Anyway, as we get closer and closer to the night of candy, dressing up and spooooky, I've started a new series: A Handful Of Halloween, and all things Halloween-y?!

Today's aHoH is Wasgij, a jigsaw puzzle, with a twist (I've literally only JUST noticed that Wasgij, is jigsaw backwards! ^-^ Now, I have to admit - I am NOT a big fan of puzzles normally, but when this came through the door, I could tell it would be different.

Wasgij is a jigsaw puzzle, except the picture you see on the board is actually different to the puzzle you are making, so you have to use your instinct, and imagination to complete the jigsaw! And it sounds a lot easier than it actually is!

I did this with my Nanny, as well as my two younger siblings (who, were probably better than me, although I didn't admit that to their face, obviously)! We finished it in one evening; we were thoroughly addicted. It was very tricky, especially at first when we didn't know what we were doing! Once we got going it was very addicting, and we spent the rest of the afternoon on it. No breaks allowed!

I would totally recommend Wasgij for everyone and anyone, even those who aren't normally a fan of jigsaws (like me), and its especially great in the upcoming Halloween.

*Disclaimer: Jumbo sent Wasgij Mystery Puzzle for me to review on my blog, all opinions are my own*


  1. This sounds like a fun puzzle thing to do but I am almost sure that I will be pretty bad at it

  2. Ooh that looks so cool! I'm going to go check it out :D



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