P o e m s... featuring Kscrible

Helloooo my Lexicans! Today I have a couple of poems, one by me, and one by the awesome KS Kulkarni at Kscrible!
You Only Live Once
But Once Is Enough
To explore, create
And pursue dreams.
There is time to wait
And to watch
But there is time to do
To take part too.
You Only Live Once
But Once Is Enough
To make fantasies,
Your Realities
You can stop and stare
And others you can
Join In The Fun.
You Only Live Once
But Once Is Enough
Time won't wait.
I won't lie.
But there's always
More Opportunities,
You Only Live Once
But Once Is Enough
And, now on the complete other side of that (a little controversy going on!) is KS Kulkarni's poem:
Life Is Too Short
Life is too short and time dosen't wait for anyone
Once the moment is gone, it's gone forever
Don't let the fear of heights stop you from climbing mountains
Because if you don't climb the mountain, someone else will climb it
And the place where you should be will be taken by someone else
Don't let anyone control you, don't let anyone tell you what to do
You are who you are and stay that way, because God's made you that way
People will come and go, no one stay's forver with us other than the memories
But don't let the fear of loosing someone keep you from making new friends
Some say “Life is all about second chance” but that's not how it goes
Not being scared of anything dosen't mean you have to be carefree
Always think before you talk and see what your steeping on
Don't regret what you did beofore, whatevere happened is now the past, just move on
Because life is too short and time dosen't wait for anyone
Which side do you believe in, the fact that living once is enough, and that there is time to stop and stand, or whether life is too short to just watch?
Bye, I'll be back soon with another book review!


  1. Brilliant! Both of you are very talented at writing poems :) I agree with your one though. but both were AMAZING ;)

    Rukiya XX

  2. Those poems are great! I would love to here more. Guess what! I got a new blog and domain thing for my birthday! Chek out what else I got for my birthday on my new blog!!!
    The birthday girl

  3. You've written an amazing poem Lexie

  4. These are such lovely poems! I think that it's important to remember both things ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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