Lord Of The Flies... live 2015

Hello Lexicans!! Following on from my interview with child actor Benedict Barker, today I am going to be reviewing... *drumroll please* Lord Of The Flies: theatre adaption, which if you are normal and read the title of this post, you would already know! Anyway, let's jump right in!

When their plane crashes, a group of boys are deserted on an empty island, in the middle of nowhere. In attempt of surviving, whilst still having fun, the boys gang together to try and live suitably until they are rescued. They have a nominated leader, meetings and the ability to make fire. You don't quite realize just what could go wrong...

I'm going to be honest, this isn't a play I exactly would have jumped to see, but since my friend was starring in it, I was really wanted to see it, so I was lucky enough to see it at the Open Air Theatre, on its premiering night! And I'm so glad I went! The set was absolutely amazing, and really stunned me, as did the perfect use of lighting! All the actors were amazing, and even knowing Ben, you'd still believe he was Perceval (his character).

I'd recommend it for adults and children (11+), for boys (although I think a lot of girls would really enjoy it too, like I did)! Definitely worth watching, and as this is touring the UK, you may have it stop at a theatre near you, so go over to the website, and book now! ;)


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