So I've seen so many people do this tag AND I LITERALLY NEEDED TO DO IT!!!!! So be prepared for a superrrrrr rant...

A popular book/series you didn't like:

So... You guys will judge me. Definitely. Here goes:

Harry Potter


Okay, okay. I suppose maybe I haven't exactly given them a chance. 


I definitely haven't given it a chance. I read the first chapter. And then I switched off. Sorry Lexicans, but just NO!

A popular author you can't seem to get in to.

Let's just pick one for now. Rick Riordan/Roirdan/Riorden??? I'm mean sorry but I literally just switched off at Perc RIOy Jackson.
A love triangle where the protagonist ended up with the person you didn't want them to be with: 

Lets just say I don't read love triangles. So you're a pretty, popular girl and two guys love you: BIG DEAL, CHOOSE ONE ALREADY!

Except for The Selection, and even then they all ended up with who I wanted them too!

So, in short: no answer!

A popular genre you hardly read:

Fantasy. Romance. Sci-fi. Most history. 

I'm fussy: deal with it!

A popular/beloved character you dislike:

I don't like Eaudlyn in The Heir (The Selection series). She's just so fussy (which to be honest, sounds super familiar ;) )

A popular series you have no interest in reading:

Well, Harry Potter probably counts! I'm sorry Lexicons but really, fantasy. Zzzzz

Please don't kill me! ;)

A show/movie adaptation you liked better than the book:

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (theater adaption).

The book was good. The show was amazing. <3

A popular book/series everyone hates but you love:

Well to be honest, from all the Unpopular Opinions tags I've seen, a lot of people hate The Selection, and I loved it!

A popular trope you're tired of reading: 

So there's a boy. There's a girl. Baddies come to hurt the girl.

Oh no.

But the boy comes in and saves her, they kiss. Happily ever after, the End.

Hello? Girls can protect themselves without any boys swooping in - we're just as powerful as men, after all - so here's an idea:

There's a girl, powerful - maybe disabled, who has to save the world, and achieves. That's better, right?!!!


A popular style of cover you can't stand:

I'm really not sure, closeup face of photos are quite annoying, I like guessing what the character might look like, not know from looking at a pretty model!

So, now you know how 'weird' I am. But forgive me...!

I tag everyone, except 7 billion names would take me a little long to write. Just a little.!



  1. *tries not to scream* HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE HARRY POTTER. *tries to relax* *relaxes* AND UNCLE RICK. NOOOOO

    At least we both hate love triangles!


    1. XD I didn't hate Harry Potter, and I'm planning on giving it another try, but fantasy really isn't my thing - same with Rick Riordan!

      And love triangles - ugh!

  2. ok I am trying to contain myself. Are you sure yo don't like those things. Ok whatever.

    At least we both dislike love triangles


  3. I personally kinda like the whole girl, boy - baddies try to hurt girl kinda thing! But that's just my opinion! I'm not a big fan of love triangles either but I loved the hunger games! Also, you said you didn't like romance book but I'd say Girl Online is quite a romance book!

  4. I love Harry Potter! After you read about the first 5 chapters it gets interesting or just skip to the second book. Brilliant post Lexie!

  5. WHAT NO FANTASY?!?!? :,','( <--- Crying. It's okay though; I have friends who aren't much into fantasy either. I hate love triangles, too; except for three of my novels, all of them have straight forward relationships.

    xoxo Morning

  6. This is such a lovely post! Except I'm the opposite of you, I love Harry Potter but didn't like The Selection ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. how far did you get through Percy Jackson?
    Gypsy Pixie


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