The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Nighttime: LIVE

*Before we start this post, I will be referring to The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime as CIDN, no way was I ever going to write that more than once!*

As part of a birthday treat, one of my sister and mine's birthday present was tickets to see CIDN on stage. I'd heard SO many great things about it, and I'd read (and loved) the book, so I was really excited to see what the stage adaption would bring. Following an amazing meal at Heddon Street Kitchen (review coming soon!), we made our way to the Gielgud Theatre!

Right from the beginning, it was very well-laid out, and thought-provoking. I was wondering how the production team would bring CIDN to life, but they did it very well, and throughout the play, you could see the many relationships grow, and fall apart.


Something I particularly picked up on, was the amazing lighting, sound and visual effects! The stage has a screen behind it, and they used that VERY well. And as for the sound, it was produced in the way Christopher would have heard it: loud and scary, and at one point even I was very frightened by the noise!

And I cannot miss out how funny the play was yet juggling some really sad bits at the same time!

CIDN is currently in Bristol, but still has 11 more stops, including Glasgow, Sheffield, Bath and Milton Keynes, and there are stills tickets available, so book here now.

Overall, the production is very well made, with the amazing lighting and sound, the relationships and the characters. 'Funny and intense'.

Sidenote: The play does swear in it (about 5 or 6 times), and is unsuitable for 8 and under.


  1. Great post and that sounds like a good thing to see!

    1. It is amazing! If you leave near any of the places on the website, I'd really recommend booking tickets!

  2. Ya that sounds really cool to see

    1. Uh-huh - if you leave near any of the places on the website, then book tickets!

  3. That sounds awesome! Might have to see it! Also did you see they have a blog? How awesome!!!
    P.S have a look at my new blog! purple pictures

  4. ya I looked there aren't any near me

  5. This sounds wonderful! I've seen a bunch of gifs from it, and they've sparked my interest ♥
    Amy xx

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