A taste of my photography

Hello Lexicans! As you may know, I recently went to France, and I took A LOT of photos (no seriously, 127 pictures!) so I'll be sharing them today!

But before I start, I have a huge congratulations to give out to my biggest and first BBFs! One for Noor // A Little Bit Of Sunshine, who has got 100 FOLLOWERS! *whoop whoop* *throws confetti* CONGRATULATIONS NOOR! And she's having a giveaway to celebrate! Maybe you could make that 101, if you haven't already!

Anyway, on to the photos:

For some reason, close-ups of flowers are one of my photography specialities!
I love the framing here! ;)
Last but not least, perhaps one of my favourite pictures!
What was your favourite of my pictures? I hope you enjoyed, and I'll be back soon with another book review! Would you like me to do more photography posts?
© Lexie W 2015 These photographs are not to be stolen.



  1. I really like the photos, I think my favourites are 2 and 4 :)

    1. Thank you so much! 2 is probably my favourite as well!

  2. Beautiful pictures Lexie!!

  3. WOW, so beautiful! You got a new follower! :)

  4. Beautiful photos Lexie! I definitely want to see more of them! Your so lucky you went to France. That's my dream vacation I want to go! My favorites are the 2nd and 6th.

    ~ Sarah :)
    * The Joys Of Life *

  5. Your photos are so beautiful <3 I like the one with the row of buildings, because I may or may not have a thing for architecture XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. Aw thank you SO much Morning - your photos are amazing! ;) xx

  6. The photos are really good. I think my favorite are 2 and 4.


  7. Oh, what gorgeous photos! I can't decide which is my favourite, I love them all ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  8. Hi! You were nominated for an award on my blog! :)

    Allie D.

  9. I really love your great photos Lexie! Mainly 1, 2 and 4 but especially 1 and 4.
    Abi xx

  10. My favourite is the 2nd your pictures are inspirational please upload more to your YouTube and make an Instagram account with your photos


thanks for commenting!:)