What Has Blogging Done For Us

Hello Lexicans (thanks Ayumii for that idea!), today I'm doing a rant/chatty post: What Has Blogging Done For Us, let's jump right in:

Blogging has introduced me to a new world, full of amazing, talented young bloggers (love you all 💕), and I have made some very good friends (my BBFs - best blogger friends), like Noor, Miss Internet, Amelia Grace, Ayumii, Morning, Radiance and so so many more! I have also had the pride of knowing that people actually read my blog, and some have enjoyed my silly little thoughts enough to follow - 25 to be precise! I have also created something I love and would NEVER EVER give up!

For a long few years I have been trying to find a hobby which works for me, fashion designing, photography, astronomy are just a small handful! And, don't get me wrong all of them I am still thoroughly interested in. But blogging. Blogging has changed my life, in a way.

I have had great opportunities with my blog as well: meeting and interviewing authors and taking What Lexie Loves down to stay in London for a night have been my proudest moments.

I hope to continue my blog, and one day, maybe I could become a full-time blogger! *crosses her fingers and falls into a rapid daydream*, but until then I cannot thank my Lexicans enough, everyone of you that has ever clicked on my blog; read a post; left a comment and even followed has helped me and encouraged me.

So what has blogging done for me? It has created this whole new world and opportunity for me, and introduced me to so many amazing people.

Anyway, enough of that soppiness! In short, thank you - blogging is AWESOME! 💕

Before you go, could you check out ANOTHER survey which I made please, it will really help me!

P.S. I got the idea of this post from Who's The Mummy.



  1. I'm so glad blogging has help you find your niche! Blogging's done a lot for me, too; it's helped me grow so much more confident as a person and it's improve my writing skills and habits by a great loads. I've met so many people all because I've decided to click the orange "Start a blog" button. Full-time blogging would be so much fun! It's pretty much a dream job! :D It would be great to do it!

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. I'll fill out your form later; it's not working for me, as I'm currently on my iPad. ^.^

    1. I know right, that Start A Blog button has changed my life! I didn't put you as a BBF in my post as I've always felt in awe and inspiration of you! Honest. I'm sure you'll become a full-time blogger one day if you decided to commit!

      Can't wait to see your form answers too, it really helps me!

  2. ya I'm really glad blogging has done so much for you

  3. This was the SUCH a sweet post Lexie! I hope your blogging dream comes true. I'll try and check out your survey.

    Rukiya xx

  4. What a lovely post, it's so great that you love blogging! I'm sure that you day you could totally be a full time blogger, you're amazing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Blogging has done a lot for me, and it is one of my favorite hobbies now! I've met so many people, and have had so much fun writing posts! Also, I'm sure that one day you'll become a full time blogger!

  6. Thanks for choosing my name suggestion! You'd definitely be great as a full-time blogger, there's no doubt about that!



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