Opinion post: What is it to be #LikeAGirl?

Most of you will have seen the #LikeAGirl advert, which after being advertised on Super bowl, as gone viral, with millions views worldwide, and the hashtag was trending almost automatically! I have, along with 80 million others, seen this video, and I have been so inspired. And today, I will be writing my first? opinion post, based on #LikeAGirl.

I think most girls under the age of 12 will have been told out some point in life, that they 'run like a girl' or 'play like a girl', or that they're okay at playing football: 'for a girl'. I know I certainly have heard these phrases many times before, and trust me, it did pull me down. I just played a great game of football, and somebody says I did it 'Like A Girl'.

But, why is it an insult that boys are using to us females more frequently? And if people say it to us, why are we pulled down by it? Surely being Like A Girl is a great thing. After watching this video, the true meaning of Like A Girl has become clear. It means you played like the strong, powerful girl you are.

Although for most girls, hearing those words can lose their self-esteem, it confuses you, and can often bring girls right down, and angry with themselves for being who they are, during that fragile time of 10 - 12. But, from one young girl to another, the next time you hear Like A Girl, feel proud, feel powerful and feel like you can do anything. Because you can. And never, ever feel angry or mad at yourself. Ever.

What are your opinions on this? Also, the next time I post, I will be 11 (it's MA BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!) *cheers and throws a handful of glitter*


  1. It's so good that they've put a positive spin on the whole 'like a girl' phrase. I've always hated people saying that because it is so sexist, argh!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Such an inspirational post also happy birthday for tomorrow! :) xx

  3. This is such a great post! I hate when people say that, but I'm lucky to have had fairly decent people in my schools and they don't say that very often.
    Also, happy birthday! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. That was an Awesome and Helpful post! Happy Joyful Birthday!!!

    Okay, I know this is random but my friend, one of the Jasmines, had her birthday yesterday! Post more GREAT posts soon PLEASE!
    i know it says Anonymous but that's because i don't have an account thing.
    Abi xxx

    1. Thank you so much Abi! I had a great birthday!

      I will be posting more soon, keep an eye out!

  5. YES TO THIS WHOLE POST. Like a girl should NOT be an insult. :) Happy birthday!!!


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