A Little Mini Haul!

As it was my 11th birthday recently, I was lucky enough to get various vouchers, so last weekend we decided to go on a mini shopping spree in our local shopping centre. I got some things I was really pleased with, and wanted to share with you today in a Little Mini Haul!
Now, the colours on this are simply gorgeous, the style is great - but most of all: Mermaid Is You! Who could not want that? Used to be £9.99, but in the sale it is only £6.99! From Zara. Buy it here.
Watermelons are so in this summer, so I've been searching for my own watermelon t-shirt. And, this is perfect! Whether its parties in the garden, or walks down the beach, this Summer has this as a must-have! Used to be £5.99, but in the sale it is only £3.99!!! From Zara. Buy it here.
I have a few pairs of shorts, but nothing quite like this! Quirky, funky and with great colours, I absolutely LOVE my new pair of shorts! Used to be £17.99, but only £12.99 in the sale! From Zara. Buy it here.

This is my favourite buy! The colours are a lot brighter and more vivid than in the picture, and a perfect outfit this summer! I didn't have a kimono before, and had been looking for one; this is just amazing! Only £12.99! From New Look. Buy it here.

And that's it! What was your favourite piece? And before I go, Little Livys is hosting Camp Awesome Kids (an online camp where you can do writing, crafts, photography etc. tasks to try and earn points)! Start signing up in the comments on her blog post, and further details there! And A Little Bit Of Sunshine is hosting an online book club, so reader fans, sign up here, with further details too.


  1. These are all so cute! I love the watermelon shirt ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Love the Mermaid is you and the shorts!
    Abi xx

  3. I love all of your new buys especially the new look kimono xx :)


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