Like London & LOVE the Athenaeum

Hello everyone! I got back from my AMAZING once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Athenaeum hotel in Mayfair, London a week ago. When they offered me the chance to come and review it, I snatched the opportunity - so glad I did!

I'm going to start off with the kids' concierge, as that's what really made this stay special!

Kids concierge (and other services)

When we checked in, Ana, the kids' concierge, immediately came to greet us, and offered us several cool things like:

- a Playstation or Wii
- DVDs (and popcorn)
- Frisbees
- Scooters
- Games

How cool is that?  I've never stayed at a hotel where they offered all this stuff for kids.  When we first went out (to Spitalfields Market, but that's another blog post!), we came back and found some shortbread, glasses of milk, some little houses to paint, colouring in books and an assortment of DVDs and Wii games, that were especially picked just for us, lying in our room! Amazing.

Enjoying popcorn in our room with a DVD

They also contact you before hand, to find out your personal likings (favourite food, books, films, magazines etc.) so that they could especially prepare it before you got there, although unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to experience this! Kids concierge: 6/5

The sight from first arriving (please do excuse photo quality)!


One of the most important things about staying in a hotel is the size, quality, niceness etc. of the actual accommodation. We were staying together in a twin park room, which had a lovely view of the gorgeous Green Park! And the beds were seriously the Comfiest Beds Ever! Our room included:
  1. En-suite bathroom
  2. Free wi-fi (essential!)
  3. Flat-screen TV (which had my name on!)
  4. Safe
  5. Slippers and bathrobes
  6. Hairdryer
  7. Coffee-making machine
And much much more! Room: 5/5

Food (breakfast and dinner)

We also had breakfast and dinner in the hotel which was great! There was a children's menu with: sausages, pizza, mac & cheese, chicken and more, so no worries for fussy children (me!). The food was quick, and tasted yummy!

Me and my delicious breakfast - bacon and pancakes - yum!

I had pizza which was great, and Ines had sausages which were good. Then for breakfast, I had pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, pastries from the larder and hot chocolate which was the Nicest Hot Chocolate Ever ! Food: 4/5

Overall rating and opinions

Overall, this was by far the best hotel I've ever stayed in! The services were great, and they've really thought about how to make their child guests happy. Great location, food, rooms, decor and staff. I'm genuinely really sad that's its over! Definitely rated 5 out of 5, and seriously, if you're going, with a family to London for a break and want to stay in a great hotel, this is really family-friendly and PERFECT for any family or couple to stay in!

The view from our room of George's Park!

For this review, I was given an overnight stay for 3 in the Athenaeum and breakfast and dinner. In no way was I rewarded by money or any other sort. All views expressed in this post are solely mine, and I would genuinely recommend The Athenaeum Hotel a LOT! Thank you to the staff at The Athenaeum for hosting me!


  1. We had a great time sis!

    - Ines

  2. Wow that place looks incredible I really want to stay there xx

  3. This looks like a wonderful hotel! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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