It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend

Hi there! Happy half-term, let the fun commence! For this weeks It's Finally Friday, I am in a particularly creative mood, so I dug out some of my crafty books, as they sound perfect for some of you!

The two books I have chosen are Crafty Creatures and Stitch-By-Stitch (both by Jane Bull)!

Crafty Creatures

This book is a step-by-step guide to creating your own little animals, using skills like sewing and knitting. Even though I haven't actually used this before - I have just read through it several times, I can already tell this is the perfect instructions book if you have no clue how to sew or knit (like me), using very easy-to-follow language and taking you through each stage in sufficient detail. With instructions for pretty much any animal, insect or bird, anyone with a creative streak with love this book, beginner or expert!


This is rather similar to Crafty Creatures, however it focuses more on the different skills of sewing like embroidery and applique, to name just a couple! And as well as just making animals, this book will teach you how to make little pictures, cushion covers and clothes accessories, just by sewing. Like the other one, I haven't actually used Stitch-by-stitch before, but flicking through I can see that this is a great book for all!

This Friday, bank-holiday weekend and half-term, go buy yourself a copy of either book, and get MAKING!
It's Finally Friday - what are you up to in the weekend/half-term?




    *throws a party by herself*


  2. Thank you for sharing these! I'll definitely try to do something creative this weekend ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. Hiya.
    I love these books. Have fun !!!
    Ari 💜💚💙💛


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