INTRODUCING: The Power Of Poison

Yesterday, my sister, brother, mum and I went to London for the day and we had awesome time! I also picked up some great recommendations for you all, which I will be sharing today!

Whitechapel Gallery

Our day begun at the Whitechapel Gallery - 'the artists gallery that's for everyone', where we had a wander through their exhibitions. I enjoyed several of the pieces, but one idea really inspired me. Artist Peter Liversidge went over to Marion Richardson School to collaborate on a very interesting project: Notes On Protesting, which thought about the rules in life. Should we have rules? If we don't like the rules, how can we change them? Do we even have the capability to change the rules? How should we protest? etc. etc. This exhibition really got me thinking. It also showed what the pupils would protest for: Give Money To The Poor, Make The People Calm, We Want To Change Our Confidence, naming just a few.
 If you could protest against something, what would it be? I would protest that Every person in the world should get some sort of education in thir childhood.
So, we all enjoyed that! I'd definitely go again if we had more time to look around!

Power Of Poison UK

After a necessary sit-down, we went down Brick Lane to the Truman Brewery to visit the Power Of Poison UK (POP). POP is basically an exhibition which takes you through an interactive journey of poison, venom and toxins, from being used in animals, stories, murders and myths. I will admit, science is not my 'whoopy whoopy yay let's party, fave lesson ever' at all. No. However, POP really intruiged me. The information was laid out by just going round a tour. The first part was all about venom in different types of animals, and was actually presented in a jungle style, also with live animals (like frogs and snakes) that are actually venomous. With visuals and short blocks of writing, all the facts are very easy to take in (one frog (the size of maybe a finger) can kill up to 10 people, yes, crazy!).

Part of the jungle theme


The next stage was all about poison in myths and story. This gave facts all about the truth behind well-known tales including poisons, like Macbeth, Snow White and the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland!

The three witches in Macbeth

However, my favourite part of all was the interactive side POP had! We were given an amazing live presentation, taking us back in time and solving a real-life murder mystery which was brilliant, fabulous, great and so, so, so interesting.  The presenter gave short videos, funny pictures, short demos and he was an engaging speaker. Then there were also these iPad games where we could solve other poison-related murders! (Murder-mysteries are awesome for me, so this came out well!) And it had an interactive book:


Overall, the Power Of Poison exhibition was a great day out. Informative and interesting sums it up perfectly! If you're looking for a day out in London, I can fully recommend it for families with children of any age!

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