Girl Online + I'VE STARTED VLOGGING!!!!!

Atteeeeention! I have started a YouTube account and I am now a vlogger too! Don't worry, I'll still be posting here, but I will also now be doing a regular vlog on my account: Lexie W. My vlogs will be pretty much the same as my blog, but I'll be videoing more fashion, DIYs and tutorials than what I do here!

So for my first video, I did a book review on my inspiration Zoella's Girl Online (which if you haven't read you have to by the way)! I hope to see some of you over on my YouTube account too, and if you like my videos, remember to leave a like, comment or even subscribe and share my vlogs with your followers on social media!

Every view and subscription makes a HUGE difference to me, I hope you enjoy!

My first ever video on Girl Online by Zoella. Remember to give it a view!

Bye for now! (And remember to read Girl Online)!

*For now the video doesn't 100% work on the iPad or phone (although give it a try) but it should work on the computer or laptop*


  1. Oh awesome! I LOVED the book! I'll check out it soon!

  2. OMG I'm watching your video now you're soooo pretty and a AWESOME blogger and vlogger Lexie! Well done! You're speaking so well in the video!

    1. Thank you so much Rukiya! That means a lot!

  3. Awesome! I will subscribe to you :)

  4. Oh my goodness! I didn't realise that you were so beautiful!! And talented! I am soo subsribing to you on YouTube!

  5. Could you please tell me ur YouTube name coz I cant really see your video :(

  6. As soon as I saw this I was like 'What? She has channel?' And immediate switched to YouTube and subscribed!
    Good Luck!
    X TG


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