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Hi everyone! When looking at my (limited) I decided to research exactly what was out there for £10 or less, and I am now sharing it with you (as you probably gathered)!

Nerf Rebelle Diamondista Blaster

This awesome crossbow can fire to up to 75 feet (which sounds impressive, but to be honest, I have NO clue how far that is!). It also comes with special arrows which mean you can send secret messages in the blaster to your friends! Recommended on the Entertainer's website for ages 8 - 14, and it is available for a remarkable £10.00! Buy it here

The Game Of Life (Fame Edition)

I already have this game, and it is great! Choose your career, entourage and limo and then you're ready, to go through the maze of the ups-and-downs in fame, a race to win, and earn as much cash as possible! I would recommend it for 7+, a great game for whole the family, at the cost of £10.00! Buy it here
Mr Creepy Magic
If you love gory things, like brains, and blood and guts, and those things that generally make me squeal, and you also like magic tricks, then the Mr Creepy Magic set is for you. Great for pranksters who like to see people yelling with fright, especially those who like revenge (don't let my sister see this!). Contains 8 different tricks, for the price of £10.00. Buy it here

My Monopoly

To end this all off, we have the MY Monopoly game, where you can design the game. Forget Old Kent Road and Mayfair, you can choose whatever you want, make the chance and community chest cards and just give this well-known game a complete makeover! Download the My Monopoly app to print off the cards, for free. I want this game sooooo much, and fortunately, it is at the affordable £8.00. This is DEFINITELY my favourite on the list.

So, there you have it, it IS possible to buy some pretty cool stuff even with a budget. If you like it, let me know, and in the future I could do a clothes one, toys one, board game one, books one, DVDs one etc. etc. etc.

I thoroughly recommend The Entertainer for shopping for cool things, with a budget!

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