My Blogging Story

I was rereading Noor's blog today when I found a post on her blogging story, so I decided to share my own!

My blogging story:

It was a September evening and I had just finished watching POP's Sally Bollywood (don't blame me, some bits are good!). That show had been about a famous blogger who interviewed pop-stars and top celebs. So, I went upstairs and declared that I 'wanted my own blog'.

I have to admit, the interviewing celebrities did help with the decision of my blog. So far, I haven't interviewed pop-stars but I have interviewed 2 authors and 1 illustrator which is pretty awesome, and what I've done is probably cooler anyway!

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Anyway, first we had to choose what my blog was going to be on. I said books straight away so books it was. My mum did some research and looked for names. She thought Lexie Loves would be good and I totally agreed, and we decided that actually my blog could review everything but mainly books. Then, we found out that had been taken and we changed the name to What Lexie Loves.

Now we're over a year and a half of blogging later, and I'm still here now - if you watch out for my next post, you'll realize a big achievement I've made in the previous 19 months! I've got loyal readers now, and have made some great BBF (Best Blogger Friends), and overall, I've had great fun!

But it isn't that easy, it took ages to build up the 10,000 views that I've had. My first comment from someone I didn't know was months after I'd started and now over a year later, I am still blogging and have had way more comments than just the 1. Don't be downhearted if it takes you longer to get pageviews than others. If you keep blogging and keep promoting soon you'll have 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 and then 1,000,000 views!


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  2. Well this gives me hope, I only have one follower, commenter, liker, etc. but I have only had my blog for not even a month. Maybe one day I'll be where you are! :D :D :D :D :D


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