Love it: Supreme Ski!

So, you might not know but I have actually been skiing these last few days in Courchevel, France. It was my first time skiing ever but I absolutely LOVE IT; it is amazing, exhilarating and I will definitely be going again. Because it is my first time though, I needed a good instructor, as skiing is VERY hard, especially if you've never been before!

Look at that beauty (the scenery, not us)! Try and spot me!

We were skiing with Supreme Ski & Snowboard School, a professional, qualified ski school, with great (and very patient) instructors. I started in the Beginner group, with Scott, but within the first 10 minutes of the lesson, I was moved up into a different group, and my teacher was called Nick, also one of Supreme's directors. He was very patient with me, and the other ski pupils. I fell over more than lots, and each time Nick would stop and wait, however many times it happened.

Nick is also really fun, friendly, and he makes the skiing really enjoyable, whilst teaching us with fun exercises, taking us through each instruction clearly . Whether you've been skiing loads before, or are a complete newbie, I would definitely recommend Supreme Ski And Snowboard School to all!


  1. Hi Lexie!
    Great blog!!! I like it very much. Did you have fun? I started to learn on snowboard and it was fun, too.


thanks for commenting!:)