List out your life with the: Listography!

Listography: My Amazing Life In Lists is a book which every page has a different header, and a space for you to list your answers. So, for example we have:

Superpowers you wish you had! (I put flying, because I've ALWAYS wanted to fly, invisibilty, because that would just be cool and telepathy, as although sometimes that would be bad, the tricks you could play would be endless!)
       Another example is List your favourite songs (I put Style, Shake It Off and Blank Space, all by Taylor Swift! ;))
       Then there's list times you've had an audience (for this I reckoned my blog would work, so I put that, as I sort of do have an audience, don't I?!)

Picture from Amazon: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51bd2Z%2B8uKL.jpg
As you can probably see, this is a great and funny book, where you can actually learn more about yourself than you knew before. This is a jam-packed book, which can occupy you for hours on end with fun and smiles and its tens of different lists to read, complete and share. A book to treasure and look back on in later years and compare to your thoughts now! Great for kids too (and adults (although there is another Listography book for them)). Also illustrated with humourous pictures, that help bring everything alive. Make sure, if your buying for a child to read, that you buy My Listography, rather than just Listography, as that is the adult one, touching on inappropriate subjects!


Just before I go, can I wish you a very happy National Blueberry Pie day (yes, that's a thing)! And, remember to follow me on Bloglovin'. P.S. On Bloglovin' it says 'No saved posts' on my account! What does this means, and how can I get my posts up on Bloglovin'? Help!


  1. Hi there Lexie! Miss Internet here! I think after you've added your blog, you go onto your profile and press add blog. This then takes you to a page saying 'Claim blog'. Type in your URL and hopefully your blog will show up! This post is amazing - sounds like a great book and some of your answers were really relatable! Also, National Blueberry Pie Day - woah! I didn't know there was such a thing; it sounds so cool! I might just have a blueberry and a pie to celebrate!! xoxo

  2. This book sounds great ♥

  3. This is cool, it sounds great! I'll have to try it soon :D.

    1. Yeah Noor, you should DEFINITELY check it out!

  4. The thing on Bloglovin' means you haven't gone off and liked any posts on somebody else's blog! Your posts are still up on bloglovin, but you haven't liked, or as bloglovin calls it, 'saved', anhybody else's blog! :)


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