Happy Fashion Revolution Day!

Happy Fashion Revolution Day! Hang on a second, just let me start from the beginning:

Today is Fashion Revolution Day, the day created by Carry Somers which celebrates second-hand and used clothes, which otherwise people might turn their nose up on! Sure, we might all prefer to go shopping at all the high-street stores: New Look, Boden, Topshop, Zara, H&M etc. but we need to remember that actually, these brands are expensive and there are so many great reasons why you should buy from charity shops instead:

  • Firstly, it is way cheaper. You might not like the sound of wearing clothes that are stranger has worn, but they are still from great brands, just with a much lower pricetag!
  • It's actually good for the environment, us fashioniastas know that this is 'fashion recycling'
  • You can buy more clothes for a better price (as you're not spending as much on high-street stores you can buy more clothes with the money you save).
  • And of course, by buying from charity stores, you are donating money to help somebody's life as well as just your look!
Here are some of my top picks from the charity shops this season:

Oxfam's Black And Grey Spot Dress for 9/10 years:

See, this is actually real funky and stylish!
                                             Again, if I was 6, I would so badly want this!

Oxfam's Black Flower Print Sleeveless Dress for 9/10 years

My sister actually has this dress, and it's gorgeous!
So this is just an example of great clothes from Oxfam. Go to your nearest charity shop today, and buy some clothes from it!
And back to the beginning of my post: Happy Fashion Revolution Day!


  1. Hi Lexie, this is kinda random but I nominated you for the real neat blog award here:

  2. That blue summer dress is sooooo nice! If it was for my age, I'd want it so badly!


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