Finally, my review is here: Moone Boy (The Blunder Years)

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Moone Boy tells the story of Martin Moone and his crazy life. Growing up into a family of girls, Martin decides he needs a boy sidekick, and when his best friend suggest getting an IF (imaginary friend), he knows this is the perfect thing! Firstly, he goes for the goofy Loopy Lou, but as the name suggests, he is a bit too loopy for Martin's liking! So, he wants to change him. And when Imaginary Clerk: Sean Murhy, comes along, Martin has found the perfect match. Little does he realize, getting rid of Loopy Lou will be harder than he can imagine!

My thoughts

This book was a funny and enjoyable read! It would be a great family story, whether it's a little bit each evening (which, due to size, could take you ages to finish) or it might be a story for the Saturday: 'I'm bored!' recipe! Overall, this is a hilarious story, also rather relatable for boys growing up into an all girl family. I would (and will) read this again and again, and it might be snatching the (not-so coveted) Funniest Book Ever away from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid!

Praise for Moone Boy

'Highly original, quirky, funny, hugely enjoyable!'
'This lough-out-loud story... is fabulous, illustrated in a cheeky style' Primary Times Ireland
'...this is the kind of book that kids disappear upstairs to read by themselves and you just hear them chortling to themselves'
'a real hoot and perfect for fans of David Walliams' WRD


Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, both boys and girls, around my age, especially those who love a good laugh to keep them occupied for days on end! This book would make a great present, and an awesome family story as well!!!!!

Thank-you Macmillan

Another big thank-you to my friends over at Macmillan Publishing for sending me Moone Boy to read and review, highly enjoyed. (As of today, I will be cutting the thank-you and if I get sent the product from a company, the bottom of the post will simply be marked with 5 astericks *****)

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