Tomodachi Life - Nintendo 3DS

So, when I was flicking through my older posts, I was surprised to see that I had never done a post on gaming. I adore computer games, video games, apps and all things electronic, so to see I had never even mentioned my love for gaming (and coding) was a little shock. And that's why today I have lined up a little review today.
   I got my Nintendo 3ds and Tomodachi Life (a game) for Christmas and I love it! I had wanted Tomodachi Life for ages and finally, I received it, and that wait was DEFINITELY worth it!

Tomodachi Life is basically a real life game. You make miis, the characters (whom you know in real life, e.g. your family, friends, nemesis and boyfriends), then you pick their personality, pitch of talking, catchphrases, looks and I could go on.

But like in reality, your miis can fall in love, marry, divorce and form close friendships. They find favourite foods, foods they dislike, clothes they like and places they like. You can build up your own town, with supermarkets, clothes shops, a fairground and a café. Your miis earn money every day, for you to buy them food and clothes.

My miis are: my friends at school, my family, my family's friends and my enemy. The game is really funny as they don't acknowledge age, so your sister's friend could fall in love with your dad or maybe your brother will want to be friends with your aunt! It really is hilarious to watch as they grow and develop.

And if you can't get the game then check out their website:
and take the personality test.

Overall, this game gets a thumbs-up from me. Fun and funny, quirky and silly, perfect for boys and girls from 8 upwards.


  1. Ooh cool, I really want that game!

  2. Great post dear!
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    I'll follow back after it!

  3. Oooh, I love this game! It kind of reminds me of Animal Crossing, which was a big part of my childhood :')

  4. Hi Lexie
    So I actually have Tomodatchi Life to and I LOVE IT!!! its probably one of the best Nintendo 3ds games there is.
    p.s:I really enjoyed reading your post.

  5. This seems like such a great concept and game.
    My only problem is I think if I got it I would never go off it!!!
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