It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend (BLOG SPECIAL)

So, today for It's Finally Friday, I decided to do a blog special, with contests, blogs to check out, entries, and fellow blogger's book review, yes, it's a big one!

Finding new blogs
I am especially pleased lately, as I have done a lot of finding of new blogs (Note + Rain, Perfect Imperfections, Sometimes I'm A Story, Cloudy Dreams and Super Swankified)
But, if you want some more blogs to check out, see my Brilliant Blogs page, Blogs By Kids (a blog aiming to help and feature kid bloggers), and Kids' Blog Club, another website like Blogs By Kids, with tips for newbies, and long-time bloggers.
What blogs do you enjoy reading, let me know!?

So, there are TWO cool blog contests on currently.
Note + Rain's photography contest. Enter any photo, the standard is high, and win an amazing Blogger design by the wonderful Micaela. Enter here.
The other current competition is Amelia Grace's 5 Words about blogging, which I think is just great! Inspired by a recent music lesson, this is Amelia Grace's contest where all you have to do is post 5 words on your blog that you think of when you think of the word blogging, giving you a chance for a mystery prize. However, she needs 5 entries for the competition to take post, so get writing. Enter here. Good luck!

So, unfortunately, I am not 100% sure on how uploading photos on my blog works for Note + Rain's competition, however, here is my entry for Amelia Grace's contest.

'Perfect, yet far from perfection'

Not the best, but you know!

Book review
Recently, I won Simply Me's blog contest, winning a free copy of her book, which I will be reviewing today.
Grace is your average girl, until her parent is fired from work, now she has to be child-minded by her mum's friend, resulting in disaster. Evil men come and kidnap her, there is no way of escape. Apart from some spies, and soon after her quick exit, Grace finds herself a spy.

This was a really suspenseful and intriguing story. The idea is very enticing, and the wording gripped you throughout the way. I think, if the punctuation and spelling was corrected, and it was lengthened into a proper length novel, this could be sent off to a publishers. The book is only £4.50 approx., and is totally worth it, so buy it here. It is incredible to think a girl my age wrote that, really inspiring.

That's it for now.
It's Finally Friday - what are you up to in the weekend?


  1. Hi Lexie! Thank for entering! I just wanted to let you know that there has to be a picture with the 5 words! :)
    Amelia Grace

  2. Nice post. Check out my blog,

  3. Livy's book sounds awesome!
    A blog I have recently discovered and like reading is
    -Emily ♥

    1. Yeah Emily, Livy's book is GREAT, you should definitely get it!

  4. Thanks for the review! Glad you liked the book!


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