Oh well I never was there ever a show so clever as Caaaaaaaats!!!!!

As some of you might know reading my sister's blog, a few days ago my Nan-nan treated my sister, mum, my aunt and me to tickets for the play/musical/song play Cats at The Palladium

It's a bit like a musical but there's just one major difference - they don't speak at all, just sing. Honestly, at first, I thought that that would be a little boring but it wasn't. Not at all! In some ways it was better than having words. I loved it and the songs were so good you didn't even need a script at all.

Cats is basically about all different cats and their totally different personalities but close relationships.

My favourite Cats and their songs were: Rum Tum Tugger. A fun rap which was great to listen to and if you knew the words, sing along. Rum Tum Tugger was a cat who liked doing everything himself. (I quote from the song): 'if you put me in house, I would much prefer a flat. If put me in a flat, then I'd rather have a house.' I mean seriously; how irritating is that?!

I also loved Mr Mistofolees (the magical cat). Let me tell you now, his ballet skills were dazzling and  remarkably incredible. He did a pirouette and spinned about 15 times straight. I can't do that once! Also his song was great (especially as we knew the words). 'Oh well I never was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr Mistofolees.'

And my other favourite was the fabulous Grizabella acted by Nicole Scherzinger. She was the glamour cat and sang Memory, possibly the sweetest slow song I've ever heard in my entire life. That picture of Grizabella standing alone on stage and singing her heart out will stay with me forever.

Cats was simply amazing, all of it, the costumes, the songs, the scenery. I loved every bit of it and if you have the chance to see it then one word: GO! You will not regret it.

It is being shown at the Palladium over the next month or so. Book your tickets here now.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

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