It's Finally Friday

Yes, I know I haven't been doing It's Finally Friday posts for like ages but I'm doing one now so don't complain!

This weekend I have a good idea for you to do - read... I do realize that over half my post are book reviews but I have read 5 new books recently that I just had to share with you so, wait no more for the stories!!!!! *applause*

Wish You Weren't by Sherrie Petersen
Firstly we have Wish You Weren't a touching and slightly sad fantasy story about Marten, your typical tween guy and his brother. Marten does not like his little brother, he's annoying, irritating and, to put it straight, a right pain in the backside. We all think this about our brothers though, right? But, I'm not sure anyone would wish what he did. And Marten doesn't expect it to comes true. And then his brother vanishes one day... Maybe wishes can come true after all.
   This was great, gripping, interesting, spooky, sad, heartwarming and every other thing I'd want from a book. If you're anyone aged 10+ then read it, it'll stick with you for life.

Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman
This is by the current Children's Laureate, I also expected it to be good. But never as a amazing as it actually was. Callum is a white resident, a blanker, the lower class, a nought. Sephy is a black, top of the society, daughter of the Prime Minister's deputy, wealthy, looked upon and a Cross. Noughts and Crosses don't meet, but then Callum and Sephy form a friendship that will stay with them forever no matter what. Or will it?
  This was amazing and now my joint 5th favourite book ever. Very sad, even sadder than Wish You Weren't. A really pageturner and perfect for anyone 10+ (it is very mature in some places), my Mum needs to read it and I'll keep nagging her to until she does.

The other books are Ratburger and Boy in the Dress both by David Walliams. (You know what this means, humour, and lots of it.) Brilliant for 8 - 10 year olds and Surviving Middle School by David McGrail, a choose your own path book that'll last you for hours. Has some mature scenes so for 9 - 13 year old girls I'd say.

All these books I recommend especially Noughts & Crosses and Wish You Weren't. Have you read any good books recently, let me know!? Until then It's Finally Friday - what are you up to in the weekend?


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  2. Oh I love Naughts and Crosses. Great post!


    1. I know, so good, am in the middle of Checkmate currently!

  3. Yeah, noughts and crosses is the best! I am currently reading the third one to the series, check mate. !!!! love ur blog lex, its me molly!

    1. Yay, *whoop whoop*, noughts and crosses!

      - Lex

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