The glorious: The Glory by Lauren St. John

Whoa! I'm sorry but this book was just, whoa!

The story goes...


Will Greyton is a teenager living with his Dad in Colorado (after his Mum tragically died when he was young). They live a good life, Will being sporty and bright with dreams of becoming a vet. However, he work in a fast food shop but that isn't too awful (excluding uniform and the fact he fries dead animals). Until, Will's Dad Len has a heart attack and is in need with a cardiac operation. But with high prices of £1000s of pounds, Will has no way of finding the money with neither parent doing a job. The only thing at the moment keeping him going is his beloved horse Shiraz. (Will LOVES horses).


Miles away in the UK we have Alexandra Blakewood teenage girl (also in love with horses), living with her Mum and step-dad (whilst her Dad is in Australia with his new family). But Alexandra is wild, bunking off school kinda wild (you know what wild I mean right?!) and after trashing her house, whilst her Mum and step-dad are in Paris on holiday, with a party. (Though it was cancelled.) So her Mum and step-dad send her away to Camp Renew (a teenager problem working out juvenile court) in, wait for it, Colorado. Who would send their child all the way to the States from Britain??? (A mad one.) There she needs to get away and if possible save a mustang called Scout from slaughterhouse whilst doing it.


So when The Glory comes up, a 1,200 mile riding contest with prizes of $250,000 both jump at the chance. But who will win???

The Glory as I said was whoa! It just had a tenseness to it but also it was really descriptive and you could feel the blizzards against your body, imagine Will and Alexandra really standing in front of you. Also it was fast-paced yet some parts went comfortingly slowly. It wasn't as such a mystery but all the way through it kept you thinking. And you don't just have one focus like the race. You think about the Warden at Camp Renew and Wayne Turnbull and everything they're doing as well as the race and how Alex and Will are getting on. Brilliant for anyone 10+, girls and boys, women and men.

Thanks to Orion Publishing for confirming my request on Netgalley and letting me have such a great book to review.


  1. hey lexie its maisie that book looks great im going to have to ask my mum for it for xmas see u mos

  2. Sounds cool! I should try this book.

  3. Hey Lexie! To answer those questions: yes I will be pulling out of a hat. And you still have the same exact chance of winning, don't worry. Will you be entering?


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