A-maz-ing: Jacky's 100th book: Opal Plumstead

Did you know that Jacqueline Wilson has written 100 published books?! Wow - that is a lot, I wonder how many of hers I've read. How many have you read?

Before I start things off, I'd like to mention that this book was A-MAZ-ING and is one of Jacqueline's best books (in my opinion).

Opal Plumstead tells the story of Georgian Opal who lives with her mother, father and sister Cassie. They are not a poor family. But they are not rich either. They'd probably be lower middle class or upper lower class (sorry about getting carried away with classes, I've been doing it at school recently). Opal's dad writes stories in his spare time but all get rejected. Until a letter came through the door. The letter that made the story happen. Opal becomes a factory worker as a result of this letter and her life turns totally miserable. Will she manage to get through all the change in her life?

As I've said before, this was simply fantastic and brilliant. Jacqueline Wilson never disappoints and this carried on the rule. I have read a lot of Jacky's books but this one has got to be my favourite yet as it really got to me. It was sad, touching, gripping and overall superb. It will definitely make you cry so be prepared. Also, some of the description was so vivid, I could picture it in my head as if it were a film not a book. In all my spare time, I was reading it as I almost literally can't put it down.

Any Jacqueline Wilson fans should read this touching, sad story though it is probably more for older Jacky fans than younger Jacky ones.


  1. I love Jackie! Although I haven't read her books in a long time I will probably check this one out thanks :)
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  2. Sounds interesting, I'll have to look into it. For some reason, I love sad books. :)

    1. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award on my blog!


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