A gripping, sad but amazing read: it's Anne-Marie Conway's Butterfly Summer

I bought this book once I had read (and reviewed) Forbidden Friends. Ever since I read the first sentence of that book I knew Anne-Marie was an amazing and talented author so when I found out about Butterfly Summer, her other book I was ready to go grab a copy.

When Becky and her Mum move to Oakbridge, Becky is not happy at first. Just because her Mum got a better job it doesn't mean Becky HAS to move house does it? Well it does but soon Becky has other things to think about. She finds a photo of a baby under her Mum's bed. It's not her - this baby was born years before her time. So who is it? From their Becky discovers deep and dark secrets from her family's past...

I adored this book, I always knew from the start Anne-Marie had brilliant writing skills but this book was simply amazing!!! It is my 4th favourite book ever after Forbidden friends (by the same author). It was sad, gripping, touching, surprising, exciting and everything you could want from a good great book.
'Sad though amazing. Surprising and gripping,' What Lexie Loves.

I'd recommend it to older girls maybe my age or around that especially anyone who has read (and of course enjoyed) any of the following:

1. Forbidden Friends
2. A Year Without Autumn
3. Any of Cathy Cassidy's books
4. Dear Scarlet


  1. Oooo I'll ask my dad because I love Cathy Cassidys books especially the chocolate box girls.

  2. Cool! I will have to check this out. Thanks Lexie! X
    - June

  3. This looks awesome. :)

    xx Nicole Rose

  4. thanks Lexi, what a great review - Anne-Marie x


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