Happy 100th book to the most amazing author ever: Jacqueline Wilson

A lot of you will know that a couple of weeks ago on the 9th October my favourite author, Jacqueline Wilson released her 100th book: Opal Plumstead. Yes 100 books in the 68 years she's been living. That's less than 1 book per year!!!

Unfortunately, I haven't got a copy of Opal Plumstead (yet) but it's near the top on this years Christmas list. From what I've heard Opal Plumstead is the story of intelligent Opal who lives in Georgian times and works at a sweet factory to earn money for her poor family. She meets Mrs Pankhurst and all the suffragettes. Will Opal go and help them out during World War 1.

You can find out more on what Jacky and her publishers are doing over at Random House to celebrate and maybe get involved with some events now: .

I'm going to list my favourite Jacqueline Wilson books (if you think this is a lot I was originally going to list ALL of Jacqueline's books so consider yourself lucky)!

1. Diamond
2. Queenie
3. Candyfloss
4. My Sister Jodie
5. The Longest Whale Song
6. Little Darlings
7. Hetty Feather

By the way those were in no particular order!!! And really I like all the Jacqueline Wilson books I've read so shortening it down to 7 was tough.

What are your favourite Jacqueline Wilson books? And are you looking forward to reading Opal Plumstead? And check out if you're a fan of Jacqueline.

Happy 100th book Jacky!!!

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