My awesome collection of letters.

So you don't know this but I love to collect things - I am a collector of postcards, notebooks and now letters. I was in the garden when I thought 'you know what I'm going to start collecting letters from people' and when I told my Mum she said 'that's funny because I used to collect letters too! And I'd never known.

I wrote my first letter to the Queen on July the 16th and a few days ago I got a reply on the 12th August. I was really excited and ripped open my letter. Of course it was written by her lady-in-waiting on Her Majesty's behalf but it was still brilliant. It was a personal letter too not just a printed and ready one.

I sent my next letter to HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine around the end of July and I got a response yesterday on the 13th August so again I was so excited. 2 successes in a row: this was amazing. As I'd sent Kate and George a loom bracelet to say thank you they sent me a photograph of Kate, William and George together:

I love my new collection. Now I'm waiting for a response from my favourite actress Peyton R List though I bet she'll be way too busy to reply what with Jessie's new season etc. but I'm not losing hope!!

What do you guys collect??

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