Loom bands!!

Now, I bet you knew this too but at the moment everybody is into - loom bands. The whole world is loom band crazy. Everyone loves them, including me. In fact my friend Molly (who also has a blog and I started up a loom band business where we sell loom bracelets to other people. (Money goes to two charities.) So far the most popular thing on sale is Olaf, they are really cute and everyone loves Frozen.

My favourite bracelet is inverted fishtail as these are simple to make but have a very pleasing outcome.

An inverted fishtail. Photo courtesy of
If you don't know how to make these I will try and explain
You will need:
- lots of loom bands
- an s clip
- 2 fingers or a finger loom

1. First find your first band and make it a figure of 8, put one of the holes on one finger and the other one on the second figure.
2. Then get another band - this time put it on your fingers not as a figure of 8.
3. Repeat once more.
4. Get the bottom band and pull it over the top and let go, one hole at a time.
5. Find another band and put it on normally (note, the only figure of 8 is the first one)
6. This time find the middle holes and pull them below the bottom holes.
7. The ones that are now in the middle get pulled over the top.
8. Repeat stages 5, 6 and 7 until your bracelet are long enough to fit your wrist (this could take a while
9. Now when you have two bands on your fingers and the bracelet is long enough pull the bottom band over.
10. Then do the same with the last band and connect the two ends with an s clip or c clip

Ta-da!! There you have it, your inverted fishtail!!


  1. Ooh, this was so fun to do! I made some for all of my friends! Hey, could you check out my new posts! Thanks so much Lexie, you're a great blogging friend.

  2. Thanks back to you you're a great blogging friend too.

  3. These are really clear instructions to make them and it worked well. Thanks Lexie, you really helped me here. From Jeannie D


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