Has anyone seen Jessica Jenkins?: the only book which has superpowers!!!

Has anyone seen Jessica Jenkins? tells the story of Jessica who one day during a geography lesson starts to turn invisible. Then frenemy Max starts to read minds. Soon more of Jessica's friends and foes have superpowers. Can a group of 5 school pupils with extraordinary powers put them together to defeat one evil person?

I love Liz Kessler. You will know that. A Year Without Autumn, my favourite book e-ver, is by her so when Orion Publishing confirmed my request for this book on Netgalley I was over-the-moon! I am not a big fan of adventure books but if it's by Liz Kessler then surely it's good? I was not disappointed. And now, I officially like (some) adventure books. Thanks Liz! So even if you aren't an adventure fan then give this book a go (especially if you like Liz Kessler's books).

This is perfect for adventure fans, girl or boy, aged 8-10, who like any of Liz Kessler's books or the way she writes so brilliantly.

Thanks so much to Orion Publishing for giving me this zard cool book to review. And to Netgalley for making it possible.


  1. Sounds like an amazing book Lexie! BTW- I send you another email so if you could go check that out, fabs!

  2. Hey Lexie! I added you to the BBK blog roll!

  3. That sounds cool. I love superpowers. I also love this blog. xx



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