Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yeah! A few weeks ago it was my 10th birthday. Yes I'm 10 now, double digits, double digits. Almost on adult - well 8 years, but still!

I woke up super early like 6:15 am and rushed right into my sister's room singing 'It's my birthday, whoooo!' Then I went into my Mum and Dad's room and starting jumping on their bed. Once Mum and Dad finally dragged themselves out of bed which to me took like a year. 'Hurry up, I'll be 11 by the time you get out of bed'. After that, we ran downstairs to start the morning with buttered brioche and Pain au Chocolat. Having eaten breakfast it was present time!

From my Mum, Dad, sister and brother I received an awesome Klutz book full of questions and surveys about yourself, I also got an awesome pyjama top and tickets to see Hetty Feather at the theatre (review coming soon) not to forget the funky disco ball for epic parties with my friends.

But then it was time for school. :( However it was my teacher's birthday as well so I had some chocolates wrapped up in my rucksack.

Following a day at school, my grandparents came round to give me their presents. From my Auntie Louise I got a gorgeous leather bag in all kinds of different colours. Then I received a Canon camera from my grandparents followed by some photography editing software from my Nanny and a book on photography for kids from my Mum's friend.

A Canon camera similar to mine.
Photo from

Time for cake! I'd chosen a vanilla cake with jam and lots of buttercream icing and after a slice it was dinner.

I was going out for dinner at Prezzo - I had pizza and a nutella calzone (no banana!). It was delicious! But then sadly it was the end of my special day.


  1. Happy Birthday, Lexie! I hope you had a great day! I love photography as well, and I got a camera several months ago, right before my trip to India. I use a lot of my own pictures to help people understand my words. Speaking of my blog, I recently posted a poll that I hope you can check out soon!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your special day Lexie !!

    We love you !


    1. Thanks so much for the camera Grandad!

  3. Happy birthday! Ooh, double digits! That's pretty special. ^.^

    xoxo Morning


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