Fun, fun, fun at PGL and Longridge

Recently I've been very busy with... mini holidays!! These are PGL and Longridge.
 First up is PGL.


I bet a lot of my readers out there will go to Brownies - well I do and if you do as well you'll know that this year is Brownies' 100th birthday, yes 100th I cannot believe it has been running for a hundred years but it has. Anyway to celebrate this Big Birthday, Brownies from all around the country went away on a trip to PGL in Liddington from Friday to Sunday.

The food was great, the meal I liked the most was probably lunch on Sunday: our last meal. It was pizza and might have been the one of the best pizzas ever!

We had an epic disco on Saturday night, with a magic show before banging on some good tunes. Each pack had the own style theme and ours was glittery so we were wearing sparkly bowlers hats and nail polish.

My favourite activity at PGL was abseiling as it was so scary (at first) but awesome. There's a big 10 metre high building which you climb up - using stairs, don't worry rock-climbing was a different activity! Then they tie some knots and down you go, as boring as it may sound it was actually great fun and I'd happily do it again.


Next is Longridge. My class went on a school trip from Monday to Wednesday, yep straight after the Sunday. We were in small groups for a dorm and I was with 4 other close friends in a cosy room.

The best activities, sorry I can't choose here between Sailing and Water Orbs.
Sailing first - to start things off we had a really cool instructor, which is always good, who showed us how to steer, what to do if you capsize etc. And then it was time to go out on the Thames. Weather-wise we were pretty lucky we had good winds which moved us along but not ridiculously fast. Plus, the instructor was on a speed boat so he kept pulling us along if we needed help.

And the Water Orbs a.k.a Hamster Balls - well they were truly awesome... Literally, you climb into a deflated massive ball and they fill it up with air till it's full and then you move it onto water where you attempt and most certainly fail to stand up and run properly while your classmates laugh their heads off. it's hilarious seeing everyone fall over. Ha ha! Still funny now.

I recommend both Longridge and PGL for you and your family, these family-friendly sites make a great break away from home.

Do you go to Brownies or have you been to either of these places? Let me know what you think of them.

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