The charm of books: Artichoke Hearts by Sita Brahmachari

Artichoke Hearts tells the sad and happy story of Mira Levenson. Life is quite hard at the moment with her periods starting and her beloved Nana Josie dying. But not only that she thinks she has a crush on boy in her class, the mysterious Jide Jackson.

This story explains the chaotic life of Mira in a fun diary she started at writing club with author Pat Print. This book is really sad and guarantees at least one tear but also promises a lot of enjoyment. You can always feel the mood, and feel like you're Mira in the chaotic world of the bright and artistic Levenson family. I loved this book as it was a sad book setting the scene of dilemmas in a real person's life. The author, Sita, writes in a way that makes you love the book and feels the moods whatever they are.

Brilliant for readers who love a sad tale as I said you'll definitely shed some tears, this will also be successful for girls aged 9-13. So grab the book and a box of tissues and get reading!

Thanks to Bea from Macmillan Children's Publishing for sending this brilliant book for review.

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  1. Lexie, I hate that I've missed so many of your posts, and I apologize for that. I've been very busy and have only been able to comment on a few blogs occasionally. I hope that changes soon :)

    But just now I allowed myself to check my Wordpress Reader to see what everyone's been up to and when I saw this beautiful cover you posted, I wanted to pop in. For sure, I love books that move me, so sad is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Thanks for the excellent review, Lexie! :D


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