The stunning and sunning Croatia.

For a few days my family and I had a short break away in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa near the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. There were 4 swimming pools, two of which were open and they were lovely. Every day we went swimming, every day! There were quite a lot of restaurants in the hotel too although as it was out of season not all of them were open so I'd recommend going in later Spring or Summer. They had a lovely beach as a garden. The beach was great despite not being sandy, which is my favourite, and we spent a LOT of time there, I loved climbing all the rocks with my sister and brother. And the views, well those views were absolutely amazing, so so amazing. Overall, I thought it was a fabulous hotel and would go back there anytime.

The sunset pool, one of the many swimming pools.

The city was absolutely amazing with brilliant views. Lots of churches, statues or monuments were everywhere and a great fort stood proudly in Dubrovnik. The city's old town was lovely with loads of little cafes and tourist shops everywhere. To start a collection I bought a sweet fan with DUBROVNIK written on it. I will now buy fans every time I go away. One of the days we walked the city walls - big, tall, sturdy walls surrounding Dubrovnik. As the weather was thankfully hot it showed a bit of a disadvantage, we became awfully hot and tired. But it had to be worth it.

The beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

Our holiday was huge success and I'd definitely come back if I had the chance. It was a brilliant trip and I recommend it for anyone. Whether you're a baby or an adult a kid or a teen it is such a brilliant and beautiful place. Radisson Blu is for anyone as well with its great pools and treatment centre, its beach and sport centre and all the yummy restaurants so I seriously recommend Croatia as a holiday.

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Oh and yes sunning isn't a word!

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