The most beautiful book ever - Goth Girl by Chris Riddell

Young Ada Goth lives alone with her father Lord Goth in the huge Ghastly-Gorm Hall spending day after day doing absolutely NOTHING, well except for having lessons with her governess - well that's if she has one. Her life alone is absolutely boring and although she does have her father and all the servants her Dad believes children should be Heard and not seen. However this all changes when she meets a ghostly mouse called Ishmael. Not long after she meets some young children William and Emily and even joins there so called Attic Club. But then they realise that the indoor gamekeeper is plotting something big and evil for the day of the metaphorical bicycle race and indoor hunt behind Lord Goth's back and it's up to Ada, Emily and William to find out what and stop it - fast.

Goth Girl is an absolute beauty of a book as not only are the pages edges trimmed with a sparkling purple and there are gorgeous silver decorations for the end papers, the illustrations are simply stunning as well. The author and illustrator Chris Riddell has a big skill of drawing and puts great detail into his books. Not only the appearance this story is as good as it looks - maybe even better. It's a lovely book with heaps of description; the illustrations certainly help it a lot. It's very clever as well because it plays on words a little and jokes around with them. The plot is clever and definitely a gripper.

I recommend this to anyone who has read the Ottoline series and enjoyed them a lot and any girl aged 7-10. It would make a brilliant gift as well because it's such a stunning looking book.

Thank you so much to Bea from Macmillan Children's Publishing for sending Goth Girl for review.

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