My favourites in Mini Boden's Summer selection

You probably don't know that I love fashion so much as I've never blogged it before. But now you do, I love shopping for clothes; it's so fun. So when my Mum's Mini Boden catalogue got sent out I got straight to reading it (I always do this with my Mum's catalogues). There are about a billion pages with corners turned down so I hope my Mum will receive the hint about her buying me these clothes. I decided to share with you my favourite top, dress, skirt and playsuit that I really love so much!

I like this for three reasons, firstly I like elephants and the colour blue. And secondly the pattern isn't too complicated or simple but is still extremely effective. As well as that it looks great from a distance and up close and goes well with lots of my jeans and skirts.

I think this dress looks really nice as I do like that kind of style with the ruffle skirt and have another type of that style at home which I also love. Also, the colours are really nice especially the skirt with that lovely blue. And lastly, again it is quite simple still but really nice.

 I absolutely love this skirt as it is a really nice and sweet pattern with those flamingos and the pink stands out well on the navy blue background. I also really like the clean, classic shaping.

I love this one so, so much. Red, white and blue looks really nice on me and this has summed it up. This sweet, little printing works so well with the red bow and the well-selected colours. So pop it on, on a hot day and show off your lovely new playsuit!

Now all I have to do is persuade my Mum to buy these lovely clothes for me!!

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