It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend.

Finally, we've broken up for the Easter holidays. Yeah!!! But anyway.

Years ago I went to Kew Gardens, London but was too young to remember it. However, a few weeks ago my younger sister, 7, went there on a school trip and has told me how amazing and brilliant it was; and now I really, really want to go. So that's what I want to do. Here are my sisters' highlights of this day.

Firstly, there's the lush Gardens full of all different kinds of pretty flowers, which may have just flourished! There are benches so you can relax and take in the marvels of your gorgeous surroundings. Calm, and a great place for picnics. And if you're lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a peacock! As well as it being quiet and peaceful for the grown-ups it's just as great for the kids. There is loads of space to run around so the children will be burning of much energy.

And my sisters' other favourite of the day was the Treetop Walkway where you are the height of the trees. Even though you have to walk up around 100 steps, you arrive on this path leading you round the treetops! Along the way, there are lots of interesting facts that you would have never known before.

From the 5th to the 21st April 2014 Kew Gardens are having a Charlie's Chocolate Adventure marking the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl's well-known tale Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I really want to go.


All children under 16 go free!!

It's Finally Friday - what are you up to in the weekend?

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