The Mysterious, The Horrorus, It's Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin

Knightley & Son tells the story about top detective Alan Knightley and his (not so normal) teenage boy Darkus also highly into crime and spying taking over his father's skills. Following 4 years in coma, Knightley wakes up to find the Combination and its shattering secret. Then he goes together with his son to find out about a mysterious book, The Code making people do all sorts of bad, bad things...

By now you may have realised that I'm a MASSIVE fan of mystery tales and this one was a violent, scary one and I couldn't put it down; it was like my hands were super-glued to the book.  It was FULL of suspense and I mean it. Every page brought up lots of different questions about the Code while you become a detective trying to figure out the mystery and it was a true scary page-turner.

You must read it if you are mainly a boy aged around 10-13 especially if you fancy yourself as a top secret detective or (like me) adore mystery, thriller or adventure books or stories which are quite brutal and frightening at times!!!

I would like to say the BIGGEST thank-you to Charli from Bloomsbury for sending me this brilliant book for review.

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