It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend

On Saturday this weekend, my sister and I are going up to the Chorleywood Memorial Hall to see Dame Jacqueline Wilson talk about her new book Paws and Whiskers. I've been getting really excited ever since I knew this was happening because as you may know I am a HUGE Jacqueline Wilson fan - she is the author that I have read most books by. And her books are amazing too so no wonder why!

Anyway I cannot wait as it will be a memorable experience and I'd really like to tell her about my blog because I hope she'll be interested. Paws and Whiskers is a collection of books all about dogs and cats chosen by Jacqueline.

Here our some me to her facts

My favourite book by her: Hard, hard, hard, well i loved the Hetty Feather series. And How to Survive Summer camp as it's unique and not a sad book which I like a change from now and then. But I also like Cookie, oh I give up I like them all.

The character of her's most like me: Well I love eating and sleeping so maybe Bella from Sleepovers and as my mum and sister would say I'm quite cheeky like Tracy Beaker (I don't think so).

The character of her's I most unlike: Well here's an easy one, Lizzie Zipmouth, I can't keep quiet!

I cannot wait!

It's Finally Friday - what are you up to?


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