It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend

Well this weekend you will know that on Sunday it's Mothers' Day. And for those of you stuck on presents I'm going to give you an original, handmade idea sure to bring a smile to your special Mum's face.

You could write a poem all about how marvellous and magnificent your Mum is. When you try and put your love into words it's enjoyable and nice to know that your child/children has thought about you and appreciated the hard work you put in to make them have a fun life. Also, knowing that your child has put effort into a piece of work for them is a very special thing giving them a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Top Tip
Try and present it in a way that makes it look appealing maybe with cool fonts, colours, picture and perhaps even a border round your work.

Top Tip
Try and make it have a pattern with rhyming, syllables or alliteration to make it interesting to read.

Here's my poem about my mum - the bestest EVER!

My amazing mother

She brings you smiles to ease your frown
And cheers you up when you are down
She absolutely loves to read
And gives us all the things we need
She gives us lots of lovely hugs
And cleans up all the cups and mugs
She cooks lots for my family
And loves us though a busy bee

So it doesn't have to be long or anything. Just sweet.
 For Mothers' Day we're going out. Are you doing anything?

It's Finally Friday - what are you up to in the weekend?


  1. Great Poem!!!! The ideas you have are amazing :)

    1. Why thank you very much - you do as well!!
      I love your blog!

  2. Mother's Day in the U.S.A. this year is on Sunday, May 11, 2014. I love the idea of writing a poem for Mother's Day. Last year, I wrote an acrostic poem for my mom and she really loved it.

  3. Awesome blog, you have spent a lot of hard time on this!


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