It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend.

Okay, yes I know today is Saturday not Friday but that is because yesterday I was round at a friend's house and then I went to our school disco. Boogie, boogie!!! By the time I got back there was no time to write an It's Finally Friday post so that's why I'm writing it today. Sorry though for any inconvenience caused. (I sound like a shop door's sign when the shop is shut.)

This weekend I really, really, really want to go and watch the Lego Movie. All my friends have told me that it is utterly great and I must go and see it. (Though I admit I'm not a big Lego fan at all, I would like to get in to it though.) Lego is actually quite cool, movies are zard cool and The, well that's not so cool.

If you've seen the Lego Movie tell me what you thought about it because I'd love to get opinion. Now all I need to do is persuade my parents, somehow, to take me to the cinema.

It's Finally Friday, what are you up to in the weekend?


  1. In the lego movie '' Everything is AWESOME!!!'' (quoting song)

  2. I can't wait to see it, we're planning to go next weekend.


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