My all-time favourite CD by my all-time favourite singer: Red by Taylor Swift

For Christmas my sister and I both received CDs and my sister's was Red. I can always hear her playing it in her room and I can't help but go and sing and dance with her! Sometimes it gets put on in our living room and it's suddenly like a magnet sucking us in to go and pretend at being popstars. The CD comes with a mini book of all the words so at first we pored over it however very soon we knew almost every song off by heart.

My favourites are Stay Stay Stay and Red, both songs that I'd never heard of before my sister got the CD though after I heard them 2 or 3 times I knew that they were my favourites.  I like Stay Stay Stay because the repetition works really effectively. I love Red because it uses colours to describe how loving him was to Taylor. As well as that it's one of very few songs that I don't mind going round in my head forever - in fact I can hear it circling my brain this very second. Think of me whenever and it'll probably be going round inside my head or I'll actually be listening to it!

Reasons (to me) of why Taylor Swift is the world's best singer:

1. Her voice is so amazing
2. Not only can she sing well she writes most of her songs as well
3. Most her songs are Country - my favourite type of music
4. She's loved by all my family

If anyone can add one please tell me. You probably will be able to because this list is just a short one. Anyone disagree with me - that's a matter of opinion.

Have you listened to any music you loved recently?


  1. What songs does Taylor feature in the album RED?

    1. Well as I said, Stay stay stay, Red, Trouble, We are never getting back together, 22 etc.


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