It's the most competitive time of the year (to me!): The 2014 Winter Olympics.

This year the winter Olympics is in Sochi, Russia and I'm really excited. This weekend my family and I watched the snowboarding on the television and it was gobsmacking, breath taking and absolutely amazing what they could do. I mean okay some of them stumbled a bit but it was still fabulous. It seemed physically impossible but really inspired me. I've just developed a large interest in sport wanting to be a sports person when I'm older who stuns and inspires people out there and I know that I want to do a bit of snowboarding to try something new - everyone knows that trying new things is great.

Look how scary that looks!

Now my mum's been to some websites to print off winter Olympics activities so I've just been poring over a wordsearch with my sister and tried to write my own acrostic poem. It was NOT easy so don't blame me if it's not very good!!!

Outside or inside everyone's fully determined
Lovely scenery all around
You and me want to win
Mountains glisten in the frosty sun
People prepare for races
Ice skating
Cross Country

If you'd like to do some Olympics activities my mum recommends these two websites:
Time for Kids
Activity Village

(Note to parents from Lexie's mum: I found these websites when we had a long summer holiday stretching out ahead of us with no trip away - nearly 7 weeks, with 3 children, 24-7 ...  I loved the printables on these websites and still use them regularly for rainy weekends and I'd totally recommend them.  If you know of any others please do leave a comment.  Thank you Lexie, for letting me have a go on your blog!)

I did a little research on Sochi and found 5 fun, interesting facts:

1. Sochi has a population of around 400,000 people.
2. It has the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal
3. The national animal of Russia is the Brown Bear
4. From 85 countries there will be around 6,500 Olympians competing
5. There are approximately 2,800 journalists/photographers there.

And a bonus 6
6. Around 42,000 hotel rooms will be in use!

I know triple WOW!

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